Meet The BSC Surrogacy Experts

The British Surrogacy Centre has representatives who you can meet in many
countries around the world, including the UK, France and Spain.
We are also happy to give free surrogacy advice via live chat or email.

Meet The BSC Surrogacy Experts

Since 1996, the team at the BSC has been involved in uk surrogacy and egg donation, offering surrogacy advice, help and planning through the process of your surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation or co-parenting arrangement. We will also use our considerable experience to answer the numerous questions you must have concerning surrogacy cost, surrogacy law and the types of surrogacy available to you: over half of our team members have been through the process of surrogacy and egg donation themselves.

Our staff are able to meet with you in person or via skype and will be available to you one on one throughout the whole process of your surrogacy journey. We are currently working with clients from over 25 countries worldwide, including, France, Spain, Germany, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, The USA and UK. We want to help you find a surrogate or find an egg donor


Barrie Drewitt-Barlow. CEO & Head of Social Work

Without doubt, Barrie is seen as the one of the industry’s leading surrogacy experts in Europe. A regular on day time TV shows such as This Morning and Lorraine, he is asked to take part in many TV debates regarding surrogacy and areas on same sex parenting. Barrie has been a regular contributer to many top magazine and newspapers for many years now and has recently written his first book as a guide to Surrogacy. As a social worker, Barrie’s aim at all times is the welfare of any children born through surrogacy and has at any one time up to 5 student social workers under him from Universities across the UK. Barrie holds regular training sessions for social workers and students and holds seminars for the general public on surrogacy and egg donation each year at events like the Alternative Parenting Show in London in September and The Building Families Show held every year in April, also in London.

Barrie has worked as a clinical social worker since the mid 90’s. He has been involved in surrogacy since 1996 when he travelled to Beverly Hills for a meeting with an agency there to talk about having children with his partner Tony. Since that first meeting in 1996, Barrie has gone on to have 5 children through surrogacy and has helped numerous couples and singles to have children of their own and countless many others with advice and recommendations over those years.

Barrie and his partner were the first same sex couple in the UK to use a surrogate mother and to be recognised on the birth certificate of those children, as parent 1 and parent 2. Over the past 14 years Barrie has been involved in many media shows to highlight surrogacy and same sex parenting and remains committed to getting the word out about the positive steps that can be taken through surrogacy for many people going through infertility issues regardless of age or sexuality.

Reece BSC

Reece Statham. Project Manager

Reece looks after all BSC staff, recruiting and selecting new staff members to our team. Reece is always planning and directing employee training and development programmes to ensure BSC are fully trained for Intended Parents needs. Reece looks after all our new egg donor and intended parent enquiries. He will then assist our intended parents through their surrogacy journey providing support and assistance the whole way. From a nursing background, Reece is very much a people person with a sympathetic nature and will always be on hand to talk you through any problems and keep you informed on the progress of your surrogacy.


Ella Smith. Project Manager

Ella has worked In Surrogacy for the last 5 years and will be on hand to help assist intended parents through their journey every step of the way, managing everything from Doctors appointments, travel arrangements through to helping to find an egg donor and suitable surrogate. Ella will help provide support and assistance for you and your partner