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Begin your surrogacy journey with the BSC. No other UK surrogacy agency has the expertise we have in terms of real life experience, living through the process as intended parents and surrogates.

Life is all about life experiences, not always about what you learn from a book! meet the REAL experts, the people who were there from the beginning, the people who brought surrogacy to the forefront of the worlds attention and made it possible for real people like you.

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Surrogacy UKSurrogacy in the United Kingdom is legal and has a legal framework, which if adhered to ensures that you both have full parental responsibility and appear on the child’s birth certificate as parents. You will be guided through this easy to navigate process by us at the BSC. Your assigned social worker will ensure that everything is explained to you in a way you understand, that progression is at a pace you feel comfortable with, that you are prepared for the child’s arrival once your surrogate is pregnant and that you can cope once the child is passed into your care.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive attitude and encourage anyone, from any walk of life to come and talk with us to discuss their needs. However, our main concern will always be the welfare of the potential child rather than the potential parent: this is why we feel it is our duty to make sure everybody wishing to use our services at the BSC has had a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.


Find a surrogateThere is no doubt that foreign arrangements are attractive, hundreds of couples every year travel to America and other International destinations in search of a surrogate or egg donor.

The laws abroad are often very encouraging, especially in USA where many states have considerably more legal provisions than in the United Kingdom.
The BSC team have many years of experience to share when considering surrogacy in the USA as our Head of Social Work, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow has 5 children born through surrogates in the USA. There has never been a case where a UK court has refused entry to a child or children born outside the UK through a surrogacy arrangement.

The application for parental orders is straightforward and one of our social workers will complete the application with you and submit it in the correct manner. Our social workers will also help you through the paperwork for your child’s application for UK citizenship.

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All Inclusive Egg Donor Fees

All Inclusive Egg Donor Fees

All inclusive packages for egg donors are just that, all-inclusive. At the BSC, we aim to keep the costs down for the Intended Parents as much as we can. These packages are designed to take into account ALL expenses for the donor . They include all the legal fees for her, travel, insurance, psychologist fees and agents fee if she has come through one of our agents in the USA.

The total cost will have been presented to you before you agreed to work with any individual donor and you have the right to not work with her once you have had the total cost. However, the total cost is the total cost and the BSC does not provide individual breakdowns for each donor.

Parental Responsibility & Your Family’s Legal Position

If your child was born in the USA, taking the correct path will safeguard your parental status. When your surrogate is around six to seven months pregnant, you will be advised to ensure that a parental order is in place, giving you absolute power or right of parenthood over your new baby. There has never been a case in the UK over the past ten years where the Immigration or Home Office has refused right of abode or entry into the UK for a child born by surrogacy in the USA.

A parental order reassigns parenthood fully and permanently to both intended parents, and extinguishes the legal status and responsibilities of the surrogate mother (and her husband, if applicable). It also leads to the reissue of the child’s birth certificate (or the issue of a first British birth certificate if the child is born abroad) naming the intended parents as mother and father. Married couples have been able to apply for a parental order since 1994 and unmarried couples from 6 April 2010. For more information about parental orders, including the application process and the criteria, please get in contact. You are not legally obliged to take this step, but it is available to you should you wish. Again, your assigned social worker can go through all the paperwork for you and help with the submission.

Please note that when receiving donor eggs or sperm in the USA, the donor remains anonymous and can not be contacted at any time during your child’s lifetime unlike in the UK where the donor does not have anonymity and therefore can be contacted by the resulting child when they have reached a certain age, usually 18. The donor however does not have the right to contact their biological child. They have the right to know how many children have been born from their donated eggs and the year of birth only. Further information on going through this abroad can be found at .
It should also be noted that once your baby is born in the USA, we can also petition the US courts to have both the intended parent names put on the birth certificate. There will be no mention of the pregnancy being a surrogate pregnancy whatsoever. This is not a step intended as deception, it is merely an effort to make the transition of the child from surrogate to intended parents as natural as possible.