Surrogacy Testimonials

The British Surrogacy Centre has helped hundreds of couples
around the world to achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Surrogacy Testimonials

Surrogacy TestimonialsHere is just a small selection of the surrogacy testimonials left for us by some of our valued clients.

We have helped hundreds of couples around the world to achieve their dreams of parenthood. We can’t possible share testimonials from all of them as this page isn’t big enough.
So here is a just a small selection. If you would like to hear more, please feel free to contact us

For the purposes of client confidentiality, we have not printed our Intended Parents names.
We take our Intended Parents anonymity very seriously and can assure all our future clients of the same level of service.

“J” & “P”

Surrogacy StoriesJ” and “P” were great to work with, they came to us with a completely open mind, not really knowing anything about the Surrogacy process, and although their journey has had its complications, it’s great that they now have a baby girl on the way – Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, Head of Social Work.

“My partner and I have always wanted to have a family. We had a civil partnership in 2010 and decided we wanted children to complete our family: we thought it would be complicated, but we were recommended to BSC through a friend and they have managed every aspect of our journey. We are pregnant and tell all our friends who want to fulfil their dreams to use the BSC.”


Surrogacy StoriesWhen we first met “C” it was clear she was desperate to have children, but she had no male friends prepared to donate their sperm. We went through our database of sperm donors and chose a suitable donor, the characteristics of whom were to “C’s” preference. We should have her pregnant very soon – Neil Kelly, Client Services Manager.

“I always wanted to have a baby, but being single and a lesbian I didn’t ever think it would happen for me. I contacted BSC after hearing they work with women, and they have helped me select a sperm donor from their database and I hope to get pregnant really soon. Their team were all really empathetic, supportive and enthusiastic.”

“S” & “H”

SurrogacyStories of this nature are very sad, however we are here to help at the British Surrogacy Centre. “S” and “H” were very determined in their approach and are taking advantage of the latest advancements in gender selection in an attempt to become pregnant in the next few weeks – Mandie Mayes, Operations Co-ordinator

“My wife and I were married for three years when she found out she had cancer. After a full hysterectomy, we knew there was never any chance of us carrying a child of our own. We saw Barrie and Tony on TV and wondered if they would help a heterosexual couple; as it turns out, half of their Intended Parents are heterosexual and they have a full social work team who understood the difficulty of our situation. They supported us throughout, we have been matched with a surrogate, chosen an egg donor and hope to be pregnant in the next few weeks.”


Surrogacy Testimonials IconD is a high profile lead singer in a UK based band. He has helped his group have 6 top-ten singles and has been on regular daytime TV for many years. Once they decided to become parents, the obvious choice for them was BSC.

We have helped many celebrity couples have a family through surrogacy, of which we are very proud. Whatever your situation, we can help with practical services, for all our clients, no special treatment, just the end result of you going home with your baby.