If you are looking to find an egg donor, we can help.

Our Egg Donor agencies have huge databases of egg donors in the UK & around the world. If you are looking to find an egg donor then we are here to help you with our access to huge worldwide databases.

Find an Egg Donor

Our Egg Donor agencies have a huge database of donors. If you are looking to find an egg donor, we can help.

We specialise in helping you find an egg donor in the UK.
We have huge databases of willing participants that are available to us so we are the team you need to help you find egg donor. All potential egg donors are screened for psychological and medical issues and come from culturally and professionally diverse backgrounds.

Egg donation is one of the hardest areas to fill in infertility. Trying to find potential donors especially in an environment that does not allow advertising as a form of recruitment for willing volunteers is very hard. When you think about the cultural differences between intended parents, the USA is a fantastic place to find egg donors of every race and creed.

All Inclusive Egg Donor Fees

All Inclusive Egg Donor Fees

All inclusive packages for egg donors are just that, all-inclusive. At the BSC, we aim to keep the costs down for the Intended Parents as much as we can. These packages are designed to take into account ALL expenses for the donor . They include all the legal fees for her, travel, insurance, psychologist fees and agents fee if she has come through one of our agents in the USA. The total cost will have been presented to you before you agreed to work with any individual donor and you have the right to not work with her once you have had the total cost. However, the total cost is the total cost and the BSC does not provide individual breakdowns for each donor.

Why Choose BSC?

Although it is not illegal to advertise for egg donors in the USA, our experience in the industry means most egg donors find us and register on our database. Depending upon your individual requirements, we can normally match you with an egg donor within 2 weeks however to do so we will need a full written “wish list” from you in a speedy manner. Once we have received your wish list, our egg donor co-ordinator will sift through the hundreds of profiles on our database and come up with options for you to consider.

If for whatever reason we can not match your exact requirements, we work with several clinics whose database’s we have access to, and we can contact for further possible egg donors.